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Life in Primary 4!

Welcome to Primary 4!


Our Topic this month is 'Trees'.

We will be investigating the trees around the school and on the Mossley Way.

We will be identifying Oak, Beech, Ash, Sycamore and Horse Chestnut trees!





Please see our WALT section below as this will tell you a summary of what we are doing each month in class!

We are learning to......(WALT)

Month : October

Literacy -

*  Grammar : Capital letters, using a and an, alphabetical order

* Comprehension activities

* Writing -  My Autumn Experience



Numeracy -

* addition and subtraction within 100

*  number facts up to 20/ missing number sums

* Simple Problem solving

* 3D shape, Time, Tally chart and bar charts





* Trees - recognising the parts of a tree

* identifying trees in the area

* The life cycle of an apple tree

* The Oxygen cycle










Spelling Lists

Spelling Lists 1 SPELLING WIZARDS LIST 1-8
Spelling Lists 2 SPELLING WIZARDS LIST 9-13
Spelling Lists 3 SPELLING WIZARDS LIST 14-20
Spelling Lists 4 WORD WONDERS LIST 1-8
Spelling Lists 5 WORD WONDERS LIST 9-13
Spelling Lists 6 WORD WONDERS LIST14-20