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Life in Primary 4!

Welcome to Primary 4!


Our Topic this month is World War 2!






Please see our WALT section below as this will tell you a summary of what we are doing each month in class!

We are learning to......(WALT)

Month : April

Literacy -

* Grammar : Further homophone work,  further alphabetical order and dictionary work 

* Weekly Comprehension activities

* Writing -  Creative writing based on World War 2.



Numeracy -


* addition , subtraction, multiplication and division of HTU sums

* Division of 2, 3, 4, 5 without and with remainders

* Problem solving lessons weekly - word problems and exploring pattern and relationship problems

* Time - minutes past/ minutes to in 5 minute intervals, durations: start time to finish time.  Solving word problems with time.

*Money work  continued - pounds to pence, calculating total cost and change

* Weight - reading scales

* Temperature - reading a thermometer




* World War 2 Topic


* Please note World War 2 day will be on the 12th April. Children to come dressed as an evacuee for a day filled with activities

World Book Day Fun - P4 shared a story under a parachute!

P4 marched to the Trench on the Newtownabbey Way like WW1 soldiers! ATTENTION!!

Spelling Lists

Spelling Lists 1 SPELLING WIZARDS LIST 1-8
Spelling Lists 2 SPELLING WIZARDS LIST 9-13
Spelling Lists 3 SPELLING WIZARDS LIST 14-20
Spelling Lists 4 WORD WONDERS LIST 1-8
Spelling Lists 5 WORD WONDERS LIST 9-13
Spelling Lists 6 WORD WONDERS LIST14-20