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Life in Primary 4!

Welcome to Primary 4!


We are learning about Directions and Map work this month.





Please see our WALT section below as this will tell you a summary of what we are doing each month in class!

We are learning to......(WALT)

Month : February

Literacy -

* Grammar : Adjectives and verbs.

* Weekly Comprehension activities.

* Writing -  A Visit to the Dentist and Spring Poem.



Numeracy -


* HTU addition, subtraction and multiplication work.

* Time - Calendar work and telling the time - minutes past.  

* Multiplication work - 3X  and 4X.

*Mental Maths: Revision of numbers bonds to 30 and 40.

* Money: Money problems and counting amounts to £10. 






* Map Work: Grid References and geographical features.

*World War Two: Introduction and the road to war.

* Healthy Body: Teeth - Looking after our teeth