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Ballyearl Squash Club have given Primary 6 the exciting opportunity to experience squash this half term. The children have been introduced to this fantastic sport and have participated in an array of games to improve their skills. They even got the oppprtunity to attend and play on squash courts at Ballyearl Leisure Centre, funded and endorsed by Ballyearl Squash Club and Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council. They had a great time.

Woodhall Day One (Room 20)


What a great first day! Everyone was incredibly excited as we were given a tour of the site by the Woodhall staff. After a delicious lunch of sausages and chips, we then had great fun completing the Crystal Maze problem solving tasks. Everybody worked really well as a team and bravely tried some challenges outside their comfort zone! We then finished the evening with the night time orienteering course, putting our map skills to the test as we attempted to find our way around outside with nothing but a map and a head torch. Once again everybody had great fun and worked really well together. After a brilliant day, all of Room 20 are heading to bed as I write. More updates and some pictures tomorrow! Mr F

Day Two


Today was an exciting day as we headed out on our beach adventure in Ballintoy. The weather was cold but dry- all we can ask for! After a delicious breakfast we hopped on the buses and off we went. When we arrived in Ballintoy we split into three groups and each of us got to do three fun activities... A climb through a dark sea tunnel (some people even went through it backwards!!), a beach scavenge to look for as many different types of shells as we could find, and we even got to light our own fires using some flint and cotton wool buds! We then set off on an afternoon adventure, walking all the way from Ballintoy to Whitepark Bay. Along the way we saw a huge variety of interesting things, like devils' toenails, mermaid purses, sheep, rabbits and even a rock that looks just like an elephant! We also got to drink some lovely water from a stream, although some people did manage to get just a little bit too close to it... good thing we had our waterproofs on! 


Once we arrived home we had our dinner and all relaxed as we had our movie night. The movie of choice was the Minion Movie and we're not sure if the teachers or the kids enjoyed it more! During supper we made the most exciting discovery of the day... some of the boys LOVE to do the dishes! Who'd have thought? Their parents will be very glad to hear that they'll never need to wash a dish again once their boys are home from Woodhall! 


More updates to follow tomorrow! Mr F

Day 3 and 4

Our third day started with some more fantastic activities, with archery, human jenga and the leap of faith on the cards for today. The kids were amazingly daring as many conquered their fears of heights to jump off the 30ft leap of faith! We followed this busy morning by heading out to the canal for a canoeing session. The instructors went up the canal with us, giving us some tips for canoeing but the kids managed to paddle the whole way back on their own! Mr Hanlon lead the way into the last activity of the day, which was diving into the freezing cold water! Needless to say, Mr Fleming and Mrs Stirling had more sense... Our night ended with a walk up to Mullins and The Mace, followed by a well earned and much needed sleep.


Even though Day 4 was our last day, we still managed to squeeze in some fantastic activities! We started the day on the climbing wall before we had the chance to try out Woodhall's zipline. Once we had completed our tasks, we returned all of our gear, had our last delicious lunch and then hit the road!


We had a fantastic time away! A massive thanks must go to the staff at Woodhall for their help all week. They have been brilliant! Thanks also to Mrs Stirling and Mr Hanlon for coming along and helping out, we loved having you with us!


Mr Hanlon jumps in!

Still image for this video
The moment everybody was waiting all week for!

Woodhall Day 1 P6 Room 19

An excellent first day was had by all! All children were highly excited as they toured the site. After a delicious lunch, we all had great fun completing Crystal Maze problem solving tasks. The Night time orienteering course was completed with enthusiasm and we even missed the rain! After an exciting day all Room 19 fell into bed exhausted and all are fast asleep. More updates tomorrow! Mrs L

Day 2


A dry, bright and busy day today. We started with a yummy breakfast, cereal, lovely warm toast and boiled eggs! Some of us even had a little cuppa to warm us up before we headed out on our beach adventure! The sun was shining but it was cold so we had what felt like a million layers on. Once we were all wrapped up, we split into three groups and each of us got to do three fun activities...A beach scavenge to look for as many different types of shells as we could find, a climb through a sea tunnel, forwards and backwards, and we even got to light our own fires! We were at Ballintoy, famous for the TV series Game of Thrones and the waves were incredible! We then climbed up to an amazing viewpoint where we had a delicious picnic...tuna, ham and chicken sandwiches, hot chocolate, fruit and a Kit Kat to finish, yum! We then set off on an afternoon adventure, walking all the way from Ballintoy to Whitepark Bay. Mrs Logan checked her pedometer a the end and we had walked over 1000 steps! We saw sheep, a huge elephant,

 and we found crabs, mermaid purses, devils toenails. We also got to drink the most refreshing water. Jack nearly drank it all! We are all in our pjs and watching Shrek 2. A fun filled day, we'll certainly be ready for a good night's sleep!


Day 3


Our third day started with dry weather but got cold and wet very quickly. Nonetheless we wrapped up warm with our many layers and waterproofs and headed out for Archery, Human Jenga and The Leap of faith! The kids were amazingly brave, daring and adventurous. Honor was described as looking like a squirrel climbing a tree! A fun and busy morning followed by warming up inside and refuelling with chicken nuggets and chips for lunch. After some chill time we headed out to the canal and climbed onboard the canoes. The instructors went up the canal with us but we bravely paddled the whole way back on our own! Some crazy children dived into the freezing cold water to finish and then we headed back to get warm showers and dinner. Our night ended with a walk up to Mullins and The Mace, followed by a well earned and much needed sleep.

Day 4


An early breakfast to start followed by stripping our beds and packing our bags. We're just about to get ready for the Climbing Wall, the Zip Line and then it'll be lunch and our journey back to school. The kids have really enjoyed their time at Woodhall but are looking forward to getting home for some cuddles and rest.

Human Body Tweets

Human Body Tweets 1
In World Around Us, we are learning about ‘The Human Body.’ Using 1-4-0, we on facts that we had been learning about the body and its organs.

Square Number Towers

In Numeracy, we have been learning about Square Numbers. To help us understand and learn the square numbers up to 100, we designed and created Square Number Towers with each level made up with a different square number.

Our first STEM Investigation is to design and create a Wind Powered Car. Children are provided woth the brief that scientists are looking for new forms of renewable energy to power cars and the children are to investigate whether or not wind would be a suitable alternative. Working in groups of six, the children had to work together to design, build and test their models. The children were only given a limited number of resources and had to investigate how to best use these to create the most successful vehicle.

The photos show some of the children’s wonderful creations.

Conjunction Board Games

In Primary Six, we are learning about how to use conjunctions to connect sentences. Today we were playing a conjunction board game, selecting the correct conjunction and placing it between two short sentences.

The Human Body: Post-it Skeletons

In World Around Us, we have been learning about The Human Body. We started off by looking at the Human skeleton. We have been learning the names of the different bones in the body that make up the skeleton. Today we played a game in which we had to write the bones we have been learning about on a Post-it and stick it on our partner’s body, in the place where that bone is found.

Don’t we just look terrific?

Year Group Video

Still image for this video
A short video made by the P6 teachers to give you a flavour of life in Primary Six.
We hope you enjoy it!