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Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6


Welcome to Primary 6!

We trust you had a wonderful summer and are feeling refreshed and ready to go in what is going to be an incredibly exciting year. This year it is a delight to welcome Mr. Fleming to the Primary 6 teaching staff. We hope you're looking forward to some of the exciting topics we will be covering this year, including The Vikings, The Human Body and Explorers.

We hope you are looking forward to getting started!!


Meet your Primary 6 teachers!



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Square Number Towers

In Numeracy, we have been learning about Square Numbers. To help us understand and learn the square numbers up to 100, we designed and created Square Number Towers with each level made up with a different square number.

Our first STEM Investigation is to design and create a Wind Powered Car. Children are provided woth the brief that scientists are looking for new forms of renewable energy to power cars and the children are to investigate whether or not wind would be a suitable alternative. Working in groups of six, the children had to work together to design, build and test their models. The children were only given a limited number of resources and had to investigate how to best use these to create the most successful vehicle.

The photos show some of the children’s wonderful creations.

Conjunction Board Games

In Primary Six, we are learning about how to use conjunctions to connect sentences. Today we were playing a conjunction board game, selecting the correct conjunction and placing it between two short sentences.

The Human Body: Post-it Skeletons

In World Around Us, we have been learning about The Human Body. We started off by looking at the Human skeleton. We have been learning the names of the different bones in the body that make up the skeleton. Today we played a game in which we had to write the bones we have been learning about on a Post-it and stick it on our partner’s body, in the place where that bone is found.

Don’t we just look terrific?

Year Group Video

Still image for this video
A short video made by the P6 teachers to give you a flavour of life in Primary Six.
We hope you enjoy it!