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Welcome to Primary 7

The P7 year is a very busy year. There is so much happening and lots to look forward to. Check out the fun photographs from last year.



The P7 teachers are:


Miss Sherwin

Miss McNeill

Mr Henry




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Mr Dunne








York ‘19- Day 4


Today we took a trip to the Eden War Camp and experiences what life would have been like at various times through the war. Each bunker had a different theme and some had special effects which really brought everything to life! There were also old fashioned games that would have been played during the war that we loved trying out. After that we were back on the bus and took a trip to sunny Scarborough. The Sealife Centre was our destination and we saw some amazing creatures inside, the most popular seeming to be a huge sea turtle. An underwater walkway provided the opportunity for close up viewing of lots of fish and for some fantastic photos. Lots of people used the opportunity to have a rest on the bus before we visited the park in the evening once again. All packed up and ready to head home now! See you soon Mossley!



York ‘19- Day 3


Today was another busy day. We have been so blessed with the weather that for the second day in a row that we were able to walk everywhere once again. Our first stop was over at York Minster. We had a guided tour and learnt some very interesting facts about its history and about the cost and time taken to renovate and clean each stained glass window. Between that and the National Rail Museum, a bit of time was afforded once more for some shopping down another of York’s quaint streets- the children love the novelty of these sorts of places! Into the National Rail Museum we went and we were able to look around lots of the old trains and carriages, including those used by the Royal Family in the early 1900s. We took in a science exhibition and watched some experiments, before making the most of the weather and heading back to the park beside our hotel for an hour before tea. Fish and chips was a popular dinner tonight, and set the children up well for the mysterious ‘Pea Party’ that followed. There were many laughs and smiles tonight and it was great to see all the children enjoying themselves! Having walked around 20 miles in our first three days, the children were glad to find out tomorrow was lots of travelling by the bus. 


York ‘19- Day 2


We have had another packed day today in York. Our first stop was the Yorvik Viking Centre were our guides took us back in time to the Viking settlement that existed 1000 years ago. We learnt how they made Viking coins and looked through the artefacts that had been discovered during the excavation. Afterwards we made our way to the York Chocolate Story to learn about the Rowntree family and how chocolate is made before making some chocolate lollies ourselves. Shopping in the Shambles took us to tea time, before we went back to the park and then on to ten pin bowling. Over 10km of walking today has led to lots of tired bodies and feet, but an enjoyable day had by all.



York ‘19 - Day 1


After an early start to the day, we  set out around 6am to get our boat on the first leg of our trip to York. Many of us used the long journey that followed as an opportunity to catch up on some sleep and a few hours later we arrived at Gretna Green. You will be relieved to know that after our lunch and a trip to the shop, none of the P7s were married off and we could continue on our journey! Entertained by ‘The Greatest Showman’, the next 3 hours went a lot quicker and we were all ready to get off and stretch our legs upon finding our hotel. We all got settled in before heading to a nearby park to burn off any pent up energy from the long journey, then we had tea and went for a long walk through the centre of York to see the Minster all lit up. Bedtime could not come quick enough for some and many fell asleep as soon as heads hit pillows. A long day of travel over, but a glimpse into what York has to offer for us in the next few days.


Do you have what it takes to survive Mossley Primary School P7?

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