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P7 Edinburgh Trip- Day 1


After an early start from school, we boarded the boat and had a lovely calm crossing over to Scotland. This turned out to be the best weather of the day but we were not going to let the weather beat us! We stopped for lunch and a play at the Adventure Playground in Ayr. Even the wind (which must have been gale force!) and a hungry seagull, who raided one of our lunch boxes and made off with a sandwich, couldn't take the smiles off our faces!


Back on the bus and our next stop was the National Heritage Mill School in New Lanark where we experienced hail, sleet, sun and rain! A very interesting tour and look around the Victorian mill, houses and school was followed by a trip to the shop and the last leg of our bus journey to the hotel. Checking into our rooms proved an exciting experience and following dinner, we had our famous 'Pea Party'. Many laughs later, the scores were in and winners announced. A really fun filled evening! Bring on tomorrow!

P7 Edinburgh Trip Day 2

P7 Edinburgh Trip Day 2


What a day! We were on foot in Edinburgh all day and walked up the Royal Mile, visited the Scottish Parliament, learnt about Grey Friars, ate fudge (!) and had a tour around Edinburgh Castle. We covered a lot of ground but this helped keep us warm in cold conditions. This evening we went ten pin bowling and there was some great scoring, but more importantly great fun had by all! 

P7 Edinburgh Trip Day 3

P7 Edinburgh Trip Day 3


Another glorious morning in Scotland which was perfect news for our trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park. We were all very excited to get going and on our first loop around the park saw a range of animals, including lions, monkeys, white rhinos, elephants and giraffes. There were a range of things for the children to play on and the '4 lane racing slide' proved a big hit! There was a sea lion performance and then a bird of prey show afterwards which were very enjoyable. As the weather stayed dry we managed to get onto the pedalo boats for a while and screamed our way down the 'Flying Fox' zip line. The last part of our day out consisted of a boat journey around Chimp Island where the chimps gave us a climbing demonstration.


Later this evening we made our way into Glasgow and visited the tall ship. We had a very interesting tour and had a good look around! It was a fabulous day and there are lots of tired bodies tonight after so much walking. 


Welcome to Primary 7

The P7 year is a very busy year. There is so much happening and lots to look forward to. Check out the fun photographs from last year.



The P7 teachers are:


Miss Sherwin

Miss McNeill

Mr Henry


Mrs McMillan







Titanic - The Greatest Ship Ever Made!! ( But such a tragedy!!!)

Titanic - The Greatest Ship Ever Made!! ( But such a tragedy!!!)  1

A New Year = New Challenges - STEM

A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 1 Primary 7 STEM - CREATIVITY IN PROGRESS>>>>>
A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 2 "If we fold the paper like this....."
A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 3 "Guys, I have a great idea..."
A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 4 "I can't believe the boys abandoned us!"
A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 5 "Please, I need more masking tape!"
A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 6 "The best ideas always involve plenty of tape!"
A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 7 "WE NEED MORE SPEED!!!"
A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 8 "This is a tough challenge, when is lunch time?"
A New Year = New Challenges - STEM 9 No challenge is too great for these mighty minds!

What's been happening in P7?

What's been happening in P7? 1 P7's new School Council members for 2016/2017!
What's been happening in P7? 2 P7 R22 Pupils managing the polling station!
What's been happening in P7? 3 These Kung Fu experts look deadly!
What's been happening in P7? 4 Kung Fu Punctuation!!!
What's been happening in P7? 5 We will Karate Chop you if you forget a full stop!
Picture 1 Whatever the Weather we go for walks!
Picture 2 Buns Buns and more BUNSSSSSS
Picture 3 Is that a Frog I see?
Picture 4 Sorting seeds is what we do.
Picture 5 Vote for ME Vote for ME!
Picture 6 Is that a Granny Smith or a Pink Lady?
Picture 7 We are still walking.
Picture 8 We know more about the Victorians than you!!!
Picture 9 We definitely know more than you now!

International Day


Do you have what it takes to survive Mossley Primary School P7?

Homework Help / Revision Aid


As we move into another week in P7 we will be tackling more topics in Numeracy and Literacy. Sometimes we need a little extra help with a homework - BBC Bitesize Maths Section on Shape and Space will be of great help for next week's Numeracy. Some of the topics we will be studying in class include; Lines, Angles, 2D Shape and 3D Shape (Week starting 19th September 2016)


(Click the Picture below to access BBC Bitesize KS2 Maths Website)




Next week in Literacy we will be looking at Verbs, as we do some Grammar work. We will be learning Noun to Adjective words in our Spellings. We will be also be doing a little Speech Marks revision as well.


The BBC Bitesize website has lots of useful categories and exercises to assist with learning or just help to consolidate further what has been learnt.


(Click the image below to go to BBC Bitesize Literacy Section)


P7 Orchard Walk Investigation


On Friday 2nd September, P7 were able to enjoy the beautiful sun in all its glory as they took a stroll along Mossley Primary's very own Orchard. The children got the opportunity to use iPads to assist in their scavenging and collecting of different fruit and leaves.




P7 Orchard Investigation

P7 Orchard Investigation 1 Boys enjoying the Orchard.
P7 Orchard Investigation 2 Photo investigating in progress
P7 Orchard Investigation 3
P7 Orchard Investigation 4
P7 Orchard Investigation 5
P7 Orchard Investigation 6
P7 Orchard Investigation 7
P7 Orchard Investigation 8
P7 Orchard Investigation 9
P7 Orchard Investigation 10 Collection of items found during walk
P7 Orchard Investigation 11
P7 Orchard Investigation 12 P7 R22 enjoying their Investigation

Horrible Histories Invention Song!

We will be learning about the Industrial Revolution during Victorian times. How many inventions can you hear mentioned in this song? Did you know they were all invented during the Victorian times?

P7 Titanorak Visit

On Thursday the 28th of April Susie Millar, an expert on the Titanic, visited P7. She is a member of the Titanic Society and she told us all about The Titanic. Susie started with a very interesting story about her great grandfather Tommy (Thomas) Millar and how he died on the Titanic. Then she showed two pennies saying 1912 (the year The Titanic set sail). These were the pennies Thomas gave his two sons. Thomas also helped build The Titanic - he made the engines.


Susie brought in other artefacts too. She brought in pieces of the Olympic, Titanic's sister! She also brought in wooden work tools which belonged to F. Mc Mahon. After we did a quiz on ‘who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic?’ At first, I thought it was Bruce Ismay but then I thought about it and changed my mind and said Captain Edward. J. Smith.

We moved on to a debate about Titanic II. Susie did NOT agree because it's a replica of the famous Titanic movie ship! It's going to Russia, India, Japan and many other rich countries! Not even the same route! WOW! Would you be against that?

Next, we got involved and read the character we had chosen and researched. I chose Ruth Becker because I am the same age as her (nearly) then I asked her about my family, how my Great Grandfather Billy was the ship-wright at Harland & Wolff.

I walked Susie to the entrance door and ask about my other Great Grandfather who worked in Shorts and the  Harland aeroplane building and she told me all about it! What a great visit from Susie Millar!

By Grace Marks (P7 Rm 22)


P7 York Trip

Day 4 - York


Our fourth and final day of exploring meant a reunion with our lovely bus! We travelled out of York to Eden Prisoner of War Camp first thing in the morning. It was an interesting experience with the set up allowing children to experience the sights, sounds and smells of an Anderson shelter, a street which had been blitzed and the inside of a submarine to name but a few of the areas. We were then back on the bus and heading for Hull to visit 'The Deep'. On our arrival we learnt about life in, and along, the banks of five big rivers in the world. We spent the next hour wandering about and seeing a wide variety of sea creatures, and interacting with a large number of interactive displays. A trip to the shop capped off our day out and we returned to the hotel for a lovely roast beef dinner (complete with Yorkshire pudding). We finished the week as we started it, by making the most of the fantastic weather in the nearby park! An early start awaits us in the morning and everyone is looking forward to seeing their nearest and dearest tomorrow evening.


Day 3 - York


Another fully packed day! After breakfast we walked (yes more walking!) to the National Railway Museum where the Flying Scotsman has taken up residence until the summer. We had a look around the royal carriages and went to a science show to learn about how trains work. We explored the general hall before walking to York Minster for a tour and marvelled at the scale of the building. The fantastic weather let us leave the bus behind for the whole day and so we returned to the park after dinner. The evening activity was the much fabled 'Pea Party'. A variety of games and activities were undertaken and we had an absolute ball! A beautiful city and a beautiful third day in York!




Day 2 - York


After a lovely breakfast following a great night of sleep, our first stop was 'The Dig'. Arriving a bit early, we decided to regale the public in a nearby square with a few renditions from the recent 'Beauty and the Beast' performance. 'The Dig' is an archaeological centre that allowed us to explore various fossils and dig to find our own artefacts. We then moved on to the 'York Chocolate Story'- a fantastic hour of discovery and taste testing loved by all! We ate our packed lunch by the side of the river and then embarked upon a 'Treasure Hunt' walk around the city, and had some free time to shop in the Shambles. A fantastic day was topped off by ten pin bowling in the evening. Lots of walking and lots of fun today!



Day 1 - York


After an early start from school, we safely boarded the boat and set sail- the start of a long journey. A brief stop at Gretna Green allowed us to stretch our legs and have a wander about some of the shops. Arriving in York, we got settled into our rooms and had a lovely dinner. A walk on the walls of the city led to York Minster and past the house of Guy Fawkes helped us orientate ourselves and a lovely day was capped off by a visit to the park beside our hotel. A great day had by all!


P7R24 STEAM- Testing the Marble Runs

Still image for this video
During a recent STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) lesson the children designed marble runs for Victorian children to play with. They worked in small groups to design and make these runs before testing them.

The Great Escape

Still image for this video
P7R24 recently took assembly. The children created a Lego animation to tell the story of the wise men and the escape to Egypt. A lot of hard work went into making this video so they hope you enjoy watching it.

P7R22- The Great Seed Sort

Click on the picture above to play the Bamzooki Probability game.

P7 Elections!

P7 Elections! 1 Hmm...who will I vote for?
P7 Elections! 2 I know who I'm choosing!
P7 Elections! 3 Inside the polling booth.
P7 Elections! 4 So many great candidates to choose from!
P7 Elections! 5 It's a busy job being a Polling Clerk!
P7 Elections! 6 No peeking! Our votes are a confidential!

In P7 we have been revising Factors and Multiples.  Why not  put your skills to the test by playing this BBC Bitesize game?



Click on the picture above to play the game.

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