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School Council

Your new School Councillors are:

Bethan Peel

Daniel McKay

Caleb McFadden


Ellie McKay

Sarah Clotworthy

Katie Johnston


Libby Holden

Darrin Hill

Finlay McCauley-Brown


Finn Lutton

Adam Patterson

Logan Wallace



SAVE THE DATE! THIS YEAR'S SCHOOL COUNCIL ELECTION IS ON WEDNESDAY 5TH OCTOBER. Click on the Word document below for details of the 2016 election...

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School Council at Mossley Mill

School Council at Mossley Mill 1

School Council Out and About


Last month, the School Council visited Mossley Mill to meet the Mayor of Newtownabbey, Thomas Hogg. During the visit they got a tour of Mossley Mill from a Sentry Hill Tour Guide (Deirdre), shared their ideas in the Council Chamber and bombarded the Mayor with lots of fascinating questions. The School Councillors’ questions were very impressive and extremely well thought-out. Maybe one day one of the School Councillors will be a mayor! They certainly have what it takes!

Look out for some photographs in the Newtownabbey Times!

School Council Suggestions

Do you have any suggestions for our school? Send your ideas below and we'll discuss them at our next meeting!

School Council News


This year’s School Council election campaign was bigger and better than ever, with colourful posters and manifestos filling the classrooms of Mossley Primary. On Wednesday 23rd September, the election for this year’s School Council Representatives took place. This year Eco-Warrior candidates were also included in the election.


The P4-P7 pupils were asked to vote for their class representatives, those who will continue to represent the voice of the pupils in Mossley Primary. Together they will endeavour to make school a better place. This was no ordinary election, as the children got to vote using real polling booths borrowed from the Electoral Commission, as well as a real ballot box. What an experience!

The Polling Clerks (past councillors and P7s) played their parts fantastically, introducing the process and making sure that voting was kept anonymous. It was a very professional process!


Votes have been counted and the results were read out by the Mayor of Newtownabbey, Thomas Hogg, on Wednesday morning.

 The 2015-2016 School Councillors are:            

P4 – Luke Houston, Noah Gordon & Isabella Anderson

P5 – Adam Cairns, Adam Hewitt & Sinead Quah

P6 – Samuel Hobson, Shannen Kelly & Jamie McRoberts

P7 – Maeve Quah, Teejay Hamilton-Withers & Evie Murray




Check out last year's successes:



What We Achieved For You Last Year...


  • We ordered items for the PTA Christmas Fair’s Pocket Money Table. You loved our prizes!
  • We helped Mrs Wallace decide which t-shirt designs would be used at the T-Shirt Factory.
  • We met with Mrs Marks (PTA Secretary) to review 2014’s PTA Christmas Fair and made suggestions for next year.
  • We organised the theme for Unicef 2015. We called it ‘Mix Match Day’.
  • We served food on the Healthy Tuck Trolleys.
  • We delegated with Mrs Boyd to get medals for the P7s on Sports Day.
  • We helped Mr Rice deliver his e-Safety message to the classes.
  • We had meetings with Mr Mulligan.
  • We gave feedback to classes.
  • We made progress with the Stationery Trolley
  • We suggested prize ideas for the House Competition to Mrs Boyd
  • We asked Mrs Boyd for a cross country race as part of Sports Day.
  • We discussed ideas for the P7 Leavers’ Party.








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