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Please find below some videos for how SeeSaw can be used by your child in a range of different ways. We hope you find these helpful.

FAQ (so far)


I (child) am scanning the QR code and it still isn't working and won't let me sign in. What can I do?

1. Check that you are scanning the correct QR code. It must be the one that has 'Home Learning Code' written at the top of it. Make sure you are not trying to scan the code that was given to your parents to access your journal.

2. Make sure you are trying to sign in either on the SeeSaw website, or using the 'SeeSaw Learning Journal' (class) app. If you are using the SeeSaw Family app, it will not allow you to sign in.

3. Make sure nobody has left themselves signed in to the app before you.


How do multiple children use the same device to access work?

If children are sharing a device, they must always sign out (click on the cog beside their name at the top left) before someone else can sign in. None of their information will be lost as whatever they have been working on previously will be saved in their journal once submitted.


Can work be edited after it is submitted it if I notice a mistake?

Yes. On your journal homepage, the completed piece of work will have three dots under it to the right hand side. Click that and select 'Edit Item'. Just hope you get it changed before your teacher marks it!

SeeSaw Pupil: Completing Activity

SeeSaw Pupil: Adding Photo or Drawing

SeeSaw Pupil: Correcting/ Editing work once submitted

Technical help with SeeSaw

If you have a technical question about how to use SeeSaw, please send a message below detailing your problem and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.