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FAQs for Parents

What's a good amount for my child to practise?

I recommend 10-15 minutes 4-5 times a week.  This builds regular enjoyment and memory, rather than practising once a week for 30 minutes.  It is useful to vary the type of practice between scales, exam pieces and other music. 


My child isn't interested in practising, what can I do to encourage them?

It is common for children to lose interest in practising their instrument if they don't feel they are making progress, or aren't excited about the pieces they are playing*.  When I was younger, my mum regularly asked me to put on a little 'concert' for her.  This involved me choosing a piece or a scale to perform on Clarinet or Piano.  These concerts were always met with applause and sometimes a treat.


*Look out for music books of your child's favourite films on Amazon or eBay.


Where can I buy a recorder for my child?

If you're willing to make the trip to Belfast, Mattchett's Music sells recorders.  Avoid brightly coloured recorders- although these are cheaper and look appealing, the quality of sound is much lower than the standard instruments.