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Hello P6,


Please find the links below for the reading books we will be using throughout the remainder of lockdown. Your teacher will have let you know what novel you are reading so click the title below and save to your computer, tablet or print-whatever works for you.


We hope you enjoy these two brilliant novels.

Thor and the Giants - Part 1

We've been learning about the crazy stories that the Vikings loved to tell each other - Viking Sagas.
In this saga, Loki introduces us to Thor, the God of Thunder, in this rip-roaring adventure in the frozen land of Jotunheim.

Math Antics - Mixed Numbers

Math Antics - Simplifying Fractions

Math Antics - Place Value

In P6 we love to use the Math Antics to help us understand new Numeracy topics. Check out their channel here!

Math Antics - Decimal Place Value

How Your Lungs Work

This term we'll be learning all about the human body! have lots of great videos on their YouTube channel, check them out here! also have lots of other great resources on their website. Click the links below to read all about each part of the human body!