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Meet your Primary 6 teachers!



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Welcome to our P6 Page! Below are some key dates for your calendar this year.


Woodhall Dates


P6 Room 19: Monday 18th - 21st November 2019

P6 Room 20: Monday 4th - 7th November 2019

P6 Room 21: Monday 11th - 14th November 2019



There will be a Parents’ Information Morning on Wednesday 2nd October where you’ll have the opportunity to hear more about the trip and ask one of the Woodhall instructors or teachers any questions you may have.

Woodhall Key Info


What to bring

- at least 2 warm jumpers

- woollen hat

- 2 towels

- trainers (1 indoor, 1 outdoor)

- t shirts

- thick socks

- gloves

- plastic carrier bag for wet clothing

- tracksuit bottoms

- pyjamas

- underwear

- slippers


Football shirts should not be worn.


Please come to school at the usual time on the Monday of your Woodhall week. School uniform is not required!



Math Antics - Place Value

In P6 we love to use the Math Antics to help us understand new Numeracy topics. Check out their channel here!

Math Antics - Decimal Place Value

How Your Lungs Work

This term we'll be learning all about the human body! have lots of great videos on their YouTube channel, check them out here! also have lots of other great resources on their website. Click the links below to read all about each part of the human body! 

Thor and the Giants

Next term we'll be learning all about the Vikings! We love listening to their amazing sagas, they're hilarious! Check out this story about Thor and the giants.