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World Around Us

The World Around Us


The World Around Us is a hugely important area of the curriculum and school life here at Mossley as it allows the children the opportunity to find out information through research, ask questions and develop a natural curiosity and awe about the wonderful world around them. It comprises of three key areas and these are Science, History and Geography.


From the very beginning of their school life, children are encouraged to question why things happen in the way they do, and to ask scientific questions to investigate further. Through a huge range of topics that have been developed in each year group, boys and girls develop a sense of awe and realisation about the way the world works, what has happened in the past and how things that we do can impact others further away.


Some of the objectives we have for our teaching of the children are:

  • To ask and answer scientific questions;
  • To plan and carry out investigations;
  • To learn about life today and in the past;
  • To learn about materials, electricity, forces and senses;
  • To know more about the solar system in which we live;
  • To understand different cultures around the world;
  • To learn how best to look after our planet.


Children also enjoy many visits to museums and farms etc away from school and through a variety of organisations who bring areas of learning right into the classroom.




This is relatively new to schools and stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. From Primary 4 to Primary 7, children are set practical challenges that require them to think around a topic and plan how to solves a variety of problems. These can take the form of designing and building solutions with set materials, or planning and investigating something while making sure it is a fair test.


STEM is a big part of our life at Mossley Primary School and we aim for the children to complete at least one STEM challenge per half term.