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Assembly Programme

Assembly plays a huge role in the development of our children in Mossley Primary School. We aim to come together each week to reflect, connect and focus on an Assembly programme based on the Northern Ireland Curriculum and centred on the bible.

As our school ethos is underpinned by Christian values, we are explicit and intentional in how we express and model these in the life of school. Our Assembly programme seeks, not only to teach our children bible stories, but how the underpinning values impact our daily lives. We use them to look at how we can practically demonstrate our values, such as showing kindness, consideration and respect to others.

P1-3 meet once each week and P4-7 meet twice every week, where a mixture of teachers and guest speakers follow through a theme, linked to our School Rules. We look at stories such as Creation, Abraham and the Christmas and Easter Stories. Children also enjoy learning about famous people such as Amy Carmichael and Eric Liddell and how these stories can encourage us to show respect, work hard, follow instructions and be polite. It is always a highlight when groups of children are involved and take part in readings and drama activities, showcasing their talents and skills to their peers.

Each month comes to a close with a Whole School Assembly. It is a joy to bring P1-P7 together and share stories and songs with one another, learn from each other and celebrate occasions such as Harvest and Easter.

Music is also an integral part of all our assemblies. We are very fortunate to have musical staff members, and this allows us to display live music for the children to sing along to and perform the actions. At Mossley, we take great pride in this and believe that hearing over 600 children sing together is the perfect start to any day!

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