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Curriculum at Mossley Primary

The Mossley Primary curriculum is based on the Northern Ireland Curriculum.


In the primary school, this is set across three key stages - the Foundation Stage (P1 & P2), Key Stage 1 (P3 & P4) and Key Stage 2 (P5, P6 & P7). Each year, we host an information session to outline your child’s learning for that year.

An overview of the Northern Ireland Curriculum can be read by clicking on ‘The Big Picture’ button. Further information can be found on the CCEA Website.

Foundation Stage

As the name suggests, the Foundation Stage (P1 & P2) puts in place the building blocks for a lifetime of learning. Through practical activity, pupils have the freedom to explore, create and experience learning in a variety of contexts. The basis for learning at this stage is play.


Pupils are encouraged to engage in a wide range of play-based activities that will form the basis for effective communication and early literacy and numeracy concepts. The teaching staff and classroom assistants work as a team to provide a structured yet flexible programme in line with the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Key Stage 1


During P3 and P4, pupils consolidate the early literacy and numeracy concepts. Through guided and shared lessons, they develop independence in reading and writing, and extend their understanding of mathematical concepts. It is this knowledge that pupils begin to apply to problem solving with support from the teaching staff.


It is at this stage that formal assessment begins further shaping the provision each child receives. The cross-curricular skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT are assessed at the end of this Key Stage.

Key Stage 2

IMG_E9698 (1).JPG

The final three years of the primary school phase culminate in the preparation for transition to the secondary phase. P5, P6 and P7 combine the acquisition of knowledge with the development of skills to form independent, confident learners who can use multiple approaches to problem-solving.


In a challenging and supportive environment, teachers integrate practical activity with direct instruction to cultivate the learning and attitudes to learning that empowers pupils to be responsible decision-makers and successful in the future.


The Key Stage 2 phase embeds effective assessment of the cross-curricular skills throughout, further identifying the abilities of each pupil.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Offering your child many educational opportunities is a fundamental aspect of our leaning model. We want every child to find their ‘thing’; that something that will capture their interest and ignite a passion that could be lifelong.

Each child is different and that passion will look very different for each child. 

From sports to academics, the arts to languages, there is something waiting to capture your child’s interest at Mossley.

After-School Activities: Art Club, Choir, Max Coding, Football, Rugby, Scripture Union, Hockey, Netball, AQE Booster Club and  ECO Club.


We also have Breakfast Club and Club M for wrap around care.

To find out more about Wrap Around Care contact the school. 

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