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Promoting Positive Behaviour


House Competition

At Mossley, we have three Houses – Oak, Ash and Beech. Each teacher is a member of one of the Houses and as children progress through school, they join the House that belongs to their class teacher. Each year group has one class in each of the Houses. 

Research shows that House Competitions are beneficial in developing a sense of belonging among pupils, encouraging them to try their best, promote connections between year groups, support the school positive behaviour policy and create an environment for healthy competition. 

Each month, children earn tokens for following one of our school Golden Rules. As a class, they can earn one token a day for following the Golden Rule of the Month. We also hold monthly competitions, through which each House in the year group can win 100 tokens for first place, 75 tokens for 2nd place and 50 tokens for 3rd place. These competitions are designed to play to the strengths of all children who attend Mossley. Examples of these competitions include Sports Day races, World Book Day challenges and Mathematics battles. The House that wins can earn reward time each month.


Positive Behaviour

Mossley Primary has a strong tradition of high standards of pupil attainment, and this is reflected in the expectations held by staff for pupils in terms of their attitude, approach, and application to learning, school discipline, respect for others, appearance and attendance.

The promotion of positive behaviour is reinforced through class-based incentive systems, positive marking and assessment of work, whole school positive rules, and Pupil of the Week certificates. Each week, Mossley celebrates the successes of our children through the Pupil of the Week reward system. Each class teacher will pick two Pupils of the Week. The pupils receive a certificate which outlines the reason for their reward and are celebrated in their classrooms by their peers. Pupils of the Week are also shared in the weekly Parents’ News bulletin!   

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