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Role of the Board of Governors


The role of the Board of Governors and the principal is to exercise their respective functions in relation to the school so as to ensure that the revised curriculum:


  • is effectively delivered as required by law;

  • is balanced and broadly based;

  • includes religious education and the minimum content for the areas of learning required by law;

  • provides access from 2013 to the Entitlement Framework;

  • provides for pupils to be assessed as required by law; and

  • arrangements are in place for handling complaints.

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The Board of Governors in our school are a hard working and dedicated group of people from a  range of different backgrounds and with differing experiences. The people who will make up our Board of Governors are:

EA - NE Representatives

Mrs Gillian Sheridan (Chairperson)

Mrs Gillian Bowron (Vice-Chairperson)


Transferor Representatives

Rev Peter Jones

Dr Fraser Agnew

Dr Julie Anderson

Mrs Gillian Houston


Parents' Representatives

Mr Philip McCullagh

Mrs Leanne Foster


Teachers' Representative

Mr Jonathan Henry


Principal and Honorary Secretary

Mr Stephen Mulligan

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