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After School Activities

At Mossley, we believe that the children in our care deserve the chance to enjoy Sport, Music, Dance, ICT, Art and Scripture Union. 


Our extensive range of extra‐curricular activities takes place each afternoon of the week and all our pupils are encouraged to embrace the opportunity that each one provides. 


Listed below are the Extra‐Curricular Activities currently taking place in our school. 



- P4/5 Art 

- P4/5 Choir

- P4/5 Football

- P4/5 Hockey

- P4/5 Rugby

- Scripture Union

- Eco Club

- P6/7 Art 

- P6/7 Choir

- P6/7 Football

- P6/7 Hockey

- P6/7 Rugby

- P6/7 Dance

- Max Coding

- AMJR Soccer

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