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The School Day

How is the school organised?


Our school is organised into 21 classes with three classes in each year group.  Each class has an assigned class teacher and we have a team of learning support assistants who work across the school in an effort to ensure 'Success for All'.


If you would like more information about the curriculum so you know what your child will be learning in each subject, please click here.    

The school day starts and ends at different times for different year groups.  The children come straight into school, after washing their hands, and begin learning in their classrooms.

Play time and lunchtime staff are trained to support children’s play. Each year group has a separate playtime and/or a separate area of the playground to play in.

During lesson time, some subjects such as Maths and English are taught separately.  Other subjects (Geography, History, Art, Design Technology and Computing) are taught during Topic sessions.

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