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School Council

Mossley Primary School is proud of its School Council.

Every year, a new School Council is elected during our annual election. At this election, we use real polling booths and a ballot box provided by the NI Electoral Commission.  


A School Council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. 




P7 – Lewis Woodside (R22)

P7 – Erin Simpson (R23)

P7 – Parker Harris (R24)

P6 – Ana MacFarlane (P7 R19)

P6 – Hope Murray-Lakota (R20)

P6 – Olivia Hunter (R21)

P5 – James McBride & Riley Gordon (R15) - after a second vote!

P5 – Lucy Hewitt (R16)

P5 – Cole Megaughin (R17)

P4 - Leo Bingham (R12)

P4 – Ally Currie (R13)

P4 – Daniel Brown (R14)



School Council Mission Statement:

“The purpose of our School Council is to encourage the voices of the pupils in Mossley Primary School to be heard. We hope that all children can become involved in all aspects of school life and play an active part in making Mossley Primary School the best school that it can be. We want the pupils in our school to be the citizens of today, not just the citizens of tomorrow.”

School Council Suggestions

Do you have any suggestions for our school? Send your ideas below and we'll discuss them at our next meeting!